We cover the full art journey

We’re a mix of designers. artist and craftsmen all collaborating together under one roof to deliver reliable, high-quality art solutions.

We cover the full art journey.

Art Consultancy +

Art Strategy
Art Narrative
Detail Design

Art Production+

Custom Framing
Original Artwork
Hand Embelishments

Art Installation+

3D Art Installation
Accessories Placement


Craftsmanship, is the epitome of cool and we are extremely proud of our production team. They make products that we would want in our own home, with their high degree of skill and attention to detail. If it’s not good enough for us, it won’t leave the workshop.

Our team has a deep appreciation for the materials, tools, and techniques used to create the final product. In today’s mass-produced world, craftsmanship is often overlooked or undervalued. However, it remains an essential aspect of our cultural heritage and something we pride ourselves on.

All of the materials we select are the highest-quality we can get our hands on, whilst keeping in line with our promise of affordability. It’s essential to be mindful about our environmental footprint. We do this by partnering with brands & suppliers who believe in the same set of values. For instance, the art paper & wood for our frames are sourced from certified European suppliers who practice reforestation & reservation.

Our Work

We work with independent interior designers to large scale developers to provide art for a range of projects.

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